Thursday, December 10, 2009

Becoming Accountable – Finding and USING an Accountability Partner

Author: ChristineC

I really want you guys to take a few minutes and think about your life, your business and how it all should support each another. Think about priorities, balance, fostering relationships and more. Your life is full of choices and Choices = Freedom. You have the choice to build a business that SERVES YOU, not that YOU SERVE. Think about THAT. There’s a huge difference between the two. When your business serves you, you choose the life you want and build your business around it. When your business serves you, you experience a level of happiness, inner peace, fulfillment and FUN that few people ever equate with work. There are 3 key relationships in your life: Your relationship to yourself, Your relationship to others, Your relationship to your business. Yes, your business is like a living, breathing relationship—it can be supportive and progressive, or it can be draining and destructive. One of the most important aspects of building a business, and a life, is being accountable to yourself and others. This is why I love having an accountability partner and strongly recommend this to everyone I mentor. If you’re ready to REALLY become accountable and create the massive success you want and deserve, I hope you’ll join me at my upcoming weekend-long Business Acceleration Intensive Workshop. For that entire weekend I’ll be personally mentoring a very small group of business. Only twenty participants will get to work with there. If you’re up to the challenge and ready to make the investment of both the time and the funds to attend $1,997 early bird special.

An accountability partner is a friend or colleague that you call weekly or twice monthly at a set time to set goals and to report the status of the goals you set during the previous call. You’ll discuss any challenges you’re having and seek your partner’s input, and you’ll commit to additional goals to be achieved by your next call. Similarly, you’ll check to see whether your accountability partner has honored the commitments he or she made during your last conversation. If not, the two of you can brainstorm as to how to achieve these goals by your next call.

Schedule your accountability check-ins for an entire month in advance. Put them on your calendar in ink, or program them into your PDA. These are now officially unbreakable dates. I find that simply knowing that I’m going to have to talk about what I did or didn’t do with my partner gives me the extra boost to get stuff done. You can use accountability partners for business or personal goals. I talk with my accountability partner every Friday at 10am. We split the time evenly between us on each call, 15 minutes each + 5 minutes for random stuff. We follow up as needed between calls via e-mail. It’s fun, you build a strong bond with your partner, and you help one another succeed. I commit to 3-5 goals per call, depending on how time-consuming each goal is. I always have a mix of personal and professional goals.

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